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"Mike Greene is by far the most detailed and conscientious Real Estate Lawyer to work on my transactions. I am completely confident with each closing that every consideration has been addressed, the documents are correct, and the closings are timely."

Robert Dow, President Silver Creek Materials

“Finley Resources has worked with Mike and his firm on several complicated real estate and banking transactions over the last several years. Mike has a complete understanding of the legal points, but more importantly he contributes to the overall profitability of the transaction.”

Jim Finley, President Finley Resources, Inc.

"Mike has handled all of our Real Estate transactions for approximately 25 years, and we consider Mike our “go to” attorney for all Real Estate transactions. He's extremely conscientious and detailed in all aspects of the transaction. We have the utmost faith in his abilities to take care of us in this area.” 

James A. Ryffel, Manager Woodcrest Capital, LLC

“Michael has been doing real estate transactions for over 25 years with the utmost professionalism and thoroughness. He's very competent and knowledgeable in handling the most complex real estate transactions in a timely manner and in such a way that everything moves along very smoothly. Michael, thank you for taking care of my real estate transactions, advice, and friendship over the years.”

Mojy Haddad, AIA, President Oakhollow Group

“Mike is one of a small group of outstanding attorneys that I recommend for any real estate transaction. He is also well versed in general business law and estate law.”

Fred P. Mesh, CPA and Partner Mesch, McBride and Cooper PLLC

“Trust, thoroughness, promptness, and professionalism are some of the benefits of doing business with W. Michael Greene. In addition to these virtues, loyalty stands above the rest.”

Sharon Harrison, President Nations Home Warranty